“Chungkong is a Netherlands based designer. Away from his day job designing brilliant brand identities and advertising for his clients Chungkong spends time creating his own artwork, his posters are really eye catching. Chungkong strips the subjects down to their bare bones and brings them to life in vibrant and playful designs, covering a variety of subjects from cult movies, books and sports.”


Education: The Gerrit Rietveld Academie for Fine Arts and Design.
Philosophy: “Everything is a chance”.
Thinks: “Reality is chaos”.
Naïeve belief: “Everybody is creative”.
Motivation: “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”.




Chungkong as featured on the huffingtonpost.com:
“The nerdy pop art mashup you’ve been waiting for.”

Chungkong as featured on Print magazine:
“He’s bringing his A game to every last piece he creates.”

Cungkong as featured on dezeen.com:
“The colourful designs are intended to capture the essence.”

Chungkong as featured on Visme:
“Chungkong’s minimalist movie posters are a wonderful representation of what a talented artist can achieve with the use of his imagination.”

Chungkong as featured on The Bright Side:
“Le style était en parfaite adéquation avec l’ambiance que nous voulions donner au coin télé de notre salon.”

Chungkong as featured on the plus paper:
“Living the minimalist life in the fast lane.”

Chungkong as featured on the Acclaim Magazine:
“The perfect pop culture lovechild.”

Chungkong as featured on Daily Inspiration:
“The 1942 classic movie poster is all about adventure, but the alternative captures the film’s true spirit.”

Chungkong as featured on Andy Warhol’s Interview:
“We like!”

Chungkong as featured on the Breaking Rocks:
“In an eye-blink you understand what it is about.”

Chungkong as featured on viralpop:
“Colori, forme e molta fantasia. Chung Kong è un genio.”

Chungkong as featured on the thecoolector.com:
“we’re not ashamed to say that we have a preference for these rather brilliant prints by ChungKong.”

Chungkong as featured on inspirationhut.net
“by night Chungkong transforms into a poster creating mad man.”

Chungkong as featured on the Huffingtonpost:
“Strange — but awesome — series to our long list of creative superhero-themed art”

Chungkong as featured on the nuvango.com:
“These images are best enjoyed with a smile.”

Chungkong as featured on Totalfilm:
“Chungkong, the genius designer behind some of the coolest and cleverest movie art on the interwebs”

Chungkong as featured on Badhaven:
“It gives an almost childlike feel, the simplicity of them cutting through any potential pretension and just exclaiming fun…”

Chungkong as featured on Cyclingshorts:
“Chungkong strips the subjects down to their bare bones and brings them to life in vibrant and playful designs”

Chungkong as featured on Shortlist – Part I:
“Ice work if you can get it.”

Chungkong as featured on Shortlist – Part II:
“Those damn design geniuses have gone to town on the original and come up with some wall-worthy responses”

Chungkong as featured on Neatorama:
“What if we could travel to those distant planets we know a little about?”

Chungkong as featured on Inspirationfeed:
“beautiful minimal movie poster designs for your inspiration”

Chungkong as featured on wearedesignrhino:
“Gorgeous, elemental, and primal.”

Chungkong as featured Adondelaviste
“His fun work stands out for a simple and humorous language, demonstrating great ingenuity and imagination.”

Chungkong as featured on NOTCOT:
“Don’t You Just Love These!”

Chungkong as featured on Dogearpress:
“When I discovered these absolutely amazing posters of the three Grand Tours designed”

Chungkong as featured on This is Sam Bennett:
“Get rid of the corporate and cluttered elements on the original posters to create something that is in most cases quite minimal, which I enjoy.”

Chungkong as featured on weyume:
“I like how the artist thought about the single most iconic thing about each movie and chose to represent that. As a geek, I have to say the Star Wars poster is my favorite!”

Chungkong as featured on Inspiration Hut:
“by night Chungkong transforms into a poster creating mad man”

Chungkong as featured on Style it like you stole it:
“star warhols; the awesome is strong with these pop art posters”

Chungkong as featured on designer-daily.com
 “a strong ingenious personality with powerful thinking capability”

Chungkong as featured on thecoolector.com:
“His brilliant eye for design stands out a mile.”


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