The Ministry of Silly Walks Posters

The Ministry of Silly Walks is a sketch from the Monty Python comedy troupe’s television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
A shortened version of the sketch was performed for Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl.

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The sketch as originally depicted in the series begins with John Cleese playing Mr. Teabag, a civil servant who, after purchasing The Times from the newsagent in the previous sketch, walks through the streets of London (at the crossing of Thorpebank Road and Dunraven Road) in a very peculiar manner. He eventually arrives at his place of business: The Ministry of Silly Walks, on the northern end of Whitehall. In the hallway, he passes other employees all exhibiting their own silly walks before arriving at his office (the Hollywood Bowl performance omits this preamble). Once there, he finds Mr Putey (Michael Palin) waiting for him and apologizes for the delay, explaining that his walk has become particularly silly of late and it takes longer for him to reach his destination.