San Francisco Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan must foil a terrorist organization made up of disgruntled Vietnam veterans. But this time, he’s teamed with female partner Inspector Kate Moore, with whom he’s not too excited to be working.

Director: James Fargo
Stars: Clint Eastwood, Tyne Daly, Harry Guardino

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Three years after the events in Magnum Force (1973), the tough San Francisco police officer, Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan, finds himself up against a group of ruthless terrorists that call themselves the “People’s Revolutionary Strike Force”. As the armed-to-the-teeth militant team of rebels embark on a reign of terror, declaring war on the city with their stolen explosive devices and rocket launchers, a reprimanded Callahan has no other choice but to grudgingly team up with the recently promoted officer, Inspector Kate Moore. Once more, the mayor is in grave danger, and Harry will have to play even dirtier than before to get results. But, first, he has to get used to working with a woman. Will the terrorists blow the entire city to smithereens, or will they get a taste of the Enforcer’s raw force of justice?