A corporate raider buys up shares in an undervalued company and falls in love with the founder’s son’s lawyer/step daughter. Let the battle begin.

Director: Norman Jewison
Stars: Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, Penelope Ann Miller

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Lawrence Garfield is a corporate raider known as Larry the liquidator because he buys up businesses and sells their assets. He has his eyes on a wire and cable company. He meets with Jorgensen, the company President and tells him his usual plan. Jorgensen tells him, he won’t do that. So Garfield plans to challenge him for control at the next stockholder’s meeting. So Jorgensen asks his step daughter, Kate, a lawyer to help. She meets with Garfield and he is enamored with her but he still sets out on his plan and a battle to see who can get the most shares ensues.