Set up and wrongfully accused, two best friends will be sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit. However, no prison cell could keep them locked in.

Director: Sidney Poitier
Stars: Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Georg Stanford Brown

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Jobless and short on cash, sunny daydreamers Skip Donahue, an aspiring playwright, and Harry Monroe, a would-be actor, leave bustling New York heading to Arizona in the promising West, in search of a better future. Sadly though, things will soon go from bad to worse when the two best friends disguised as woodpeckers for a bank’s publicity stunt, will unexpectedly land in court, outrageously implicated in a successful bank robbery. However, despite the blatant misunderstanding, now that the unfortunate duo is thrown into prison without a single chance of reducing their inhumane sentences, fate will timidly start smiling on them as a persisting rivalry between two hardened prison wardens will bring Skip into the spotlight. Amazingly, Skip will prove himself to be a natural-born cowboy, an extremely useful talent for the profitable annual inter-prison rodeo tournament, where he, as a fearless bronco-taming rider, will lead the prison’s team. Gradually, as the heat rises and the bets go sky-high, Skip and Harry, the two odd jailbirds, will do anything in their limited power to see the light of day as free men once more, but is luck finally on their side?