I am really excited to announce my collaboration with They will be showcasing my work on a weekly base.

My minimal movie poster art project / habit is getting a nice place on there site. It makes me a bit humble, to see that those artworks, I make out of love for those movies and there directors is getting this kind of attention.

The art project started out just by my curiosity, asking myself: “What would the minimal poster of my favorite movies look like, if I had to make them?”
Well that question got out of hand. Curiosity became a hobby and that hobby became an addiction. I cannot watch a movie anymore without looking for the minimal poster behind it.

Allover I can best describe my minimal movie art project by quoting one title in particular: The good, the bad and the ugly. It says it all. For it is certainly not filled with only the best movies ever made. But one thing they have all in common: they are memorable.

Wanna take a scroll and find your favorite movie poster: click here…

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